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How to Sell a Salvage Car for Cash in New Zealand?

Sell your salvage vehicle! We offer free towing and pay you cash on the spot. See how much your salvage vehicle is worth? Call us at 0800224000 or Get Cash Offer for Salvage Car

Best Cash Offer – Same-day FREE towing & pick-ups – No obligation. Hassle-free!

Selling a car for Salvage

Your insurance company may have declared your vehicle a total loss and the adjuster is starting to talk about “salvage values.” On the other hand, perhaps you have been driving a car with a rebuilt salvage title or your car has a salvage history and now you want to sell it. Hearing the word “salvage” is not necessarily a bad thing. The good news is there is still value in your car! You can actually find out how much you salvage car is worth right now. Call Now! 0800224000

Did you know?

Selling your salvage car can actually be profitable! The word salvage may bring to mind things like a total loss, or just a junk car not worth anything, but we can give you an offer based on the market value of your car. Based on your vehicle details and location we will give you the best, cash offer for your automobile, no matter the condition.

Don’t fix it. Sell it. Maximize your time and money by selling your salvage vehicle to us. We’ll give you a guaranteed offer for your car, FAST!

Who buys Salvage Cars?

Cash for Car NZ, We do! If you are looking to sell your damaged car or to sell a wrecked car, please click on the link below. You can check the price we can offer you for your car.


How To Sell a Salvage Car

Sell My Car Hamilton

1. Call Us – Request Quote

Request a free no-obligation quote over the phone on 0800224000 (Free Phone) or submit an online form to find out what’s your vehicle is worth?

2. Get Cash Offer

Get best cash offer for your vehicle. Once you accept the offer. We will arrange for a pick up from your place, business place, driveway, backyard or the address you provide to us.

3. We Tow-away

The vehicle removal team will arrive for the pickup at your convenient time; they will complete the necessary paperwork and pay you the cash value on the spot.

How to sell a car in New Zealand?
How to dispose of the wrecked vehicle?

Selling a Wrecked Car for Salvage

The key to financial freedom is taking advantage of all opportunities to profit, however unlikely they may seem. A severely damaged car may not seem like a gold mine, but it will indeed be valuable if you salvage it. Selling a wrecked car for cash is much easier. What’s the process of how to salvage a car, though?

In most cases, the vehicle owner can retain the salvage, which means, you can keep your wrecked car and sell it on your own. Your insurance company may use an average salvage value from a salvage auction or call local junkyards to get a salvage bid. It may pay to shop your salvaged vehicle yourself.

How Much Value Do Salvage Cars Drop?

Although the specifics vary by case, a car’s damages usually must be worth around 75% of its original value for it to get a salvage. If the damages are significantly less expensive than that, it may be profitable for insurance companies to try to fix it. Damages that are significantly greater, on the other hand, may render any type of repair impossible. Such severely compromised cars are issued “wreck” titles and may only be sold for parts.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars?

Complete Cash for Car NZ’s quote request today and let us give you the best value for your salvage motor vehicle. Get instant no-obligation free quote for your salvage car. All we need is your photo id, vehicle and keys and we will pay you cash on the spot. Our offer may be higher than the salvage value your insurance company is telling you. If you decide to keep the salvage, the insurance company will issue you a check for the market value of your totalled car, less the salvage amount they were given.

Where to Sell My Salvage Car?

Salvage car buyers might be more common in one region than the other, and the salvage value for cars can also vary by location. This makes selling a salvage vehicle different based on where you are. The best part about Cash for Car NZ is that we operate nationwide! We buy salvage vehicles close to you, and have a network of junkyards who operate to tow your vehicle fast! If you need money for salvage cars, you’ve found where to sell your salvage vehicle.

Get Cash for Salvage Cars from top Salvage Car Buyers

Cash for Car NZ pays you top value for your salvage car and not the insurance company. This is the best way to get cash for wrecked cars.

Cash for Car NZ takes all of the hassles away of trying to sell a salvaged vehicle. We will get it picked up and towed-away for you, handle the paperwork and we can even work with your financial institution to you have an authority to buy the vehicle. We’re often the best place to sell a salvage car.

Get your free no-obligation quote to sell your salvage vehicle. Call Now! 0800224000


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