How do I Dispose of a Car

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How do I Dispose of a Car? There comes a point with every vehicle when it’s no longer practical or safe to use on the road. What’s more, if it’s not roadworthy you could end up with points on your driving licence or a fine. So if your car’s reaching the end of life, read on to find out how you can dispose of a vehicle?

  • Avoiding common car scrapping pitfalls
  • Scrapping a car
  • Selling your roadworthy car

Avoiding common car scrapping pitfalls

  • Present your photo ID. When a car is scrapped the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) needs to be notified using an Application to cancel registration form (MR15). The registration can only be cancelled at authorised registration agents. If you don’t, then you’re still responsible for the vehicle and could end up being fined.
  • Give the registration number plates to the authorised registration agents (if you don’t hand in the plates you may not get a refund of any unused licence fees & RUC).
  • If the licence for the vehicle has already expired you will be required to pay licence fees from the date the licence expired up to the date of cancellation. To avoid any future fine or charges.
  • If your vehicle is subject to road user charges (RUC), you must ensure that all RUC is up to date before you cancel the vehicle. If there is any outstanding RUC, you may be invoiced for the outstanding amount.

Find out more information on NZTA.

Scrapping a car

People usually scrap their cars if they break down, fail a WOF, deregistered, damaged, require expensive repairs, or they can’t find a buyer. Scrapping your car should be the last option you might choose to do if it’s damaged beyond repair or you can’t find anyone prepared to buy it.

Remember, unless your car is a complete wreck, it might still be worth something, so you shouldn’t have to pay to get it towed away. Bear in mind, the vehicle recycler (otherwise known as wreckers, breaker, dismantler or scrapyard) we remove your vehicle for free and pay instant top dollars for your motor vehicle. Scrapping your car will ensure it’s properly recycled without damaging the environment.

How do I Dispose of a Car

Scrap car prices vary depending on the make/model of vehicle, the area it’s collected in, whether it has any re-saleable parts, the condition of the vehicle and current market rates.

Get an instant quote for your car’s scrap value at Cash for Car NZ.

Selling your roadworthy car

If your car is still roadworthy or in good condition, Find out how to sell a car in NZ?

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