Mitsubishi Motors LogoMitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, Mitsubishi Motors was the sixth biggest Japanese automaker and the sixteenth biggest worldwide by production. From October 2016 onwards, Mitsubishi is one-third (34%) owned by Nissan, and thus a part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Besides being part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it is also a part of Mitsubishi keiretsu, formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, through the corporation’s minority 20% stake in Mitsubishi Motors, and the company was originally formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation was formerly a part of Mitsubishi Motors, but is now separate from Mitsubishi Motors, which builds commercial grade trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment, and is owned by Daimler AG (though Mitsubishi continues to own a small stake). [Reference: Wikipedia – Mitsubishi Motors]


Sell My Mitsubishi for Cash in New Zealand

How do I sell my Mitsubishi?
Are you’re looking to upgrade your Mitsubishi?
How much my Mitsubishi is worth?
Are you looking to selling your damaged Mitsubishi Triton?

Thinking of upgrading or selling your Mitsubishi? Well look no further, At Cash for Car NZ we offer a free and instant cash offer.

Sell your Mitsubishi for cash in New Zealand. We buy any Mitsubishi that is less than excellent condition, from a used car to a damaged Mitsubishi with mechanical issues. We make the process easy and fast. Call us on 0800224000 or complete online quote form and get a free offer.

Sell My Mitsubishi - Cash for Cars

Get quick cash for your Mitsubishi now the fast, simple and easy way with us. Selling your car privately is time consuming, stressful and expensive – all you have to do here is complete online quote form or call us on 0800224000, arrange an appointment and you’ve sold your car for cash on the spot!

Happy with your cash offer we’ll then move onto organising a pickup time. You can be at home, at work on your lunch break or even on holiday – it doesn’t matter, where and whenever is most suitable for you, we’ll be there to pick-up your car.

Complete online quote form or call us on 0800224000 to get started now!

Cash for Cars Process – Sell Mitsubishi

  1. Enter your vehicle details
  2. Accept our initial offer
  3. We collect your car and give you your cash on the spot!

Selling your Mitsubishi is easy with Cash for Car NZ, simply get an instant offer on your Mitsubishi here. We specialise in the purchase of all Mitsubishi models. Our cash for cars process is hassle-free & easy. Complete online quote form or call us on 0800224000 to sell your Mitsubishi to us today!

What’s My Mitsubishi Worth?

Wondering how much your Mitsubishi is worth?  No need to worry!

Is your Mitsubishi having mechanical issues? Does your Mitsubishi Triton have a bad engine? Is your Mitsubishi Lancer’s transmission blown? Have you had a car accident in your Mitsubishi Airtreck?

Value my Mitsubishi - Whats is my Mitsubishi Worth?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I need to sell my Mitsubishi fast,” Cash for Car NZ can help. We buy cars in less than perfect condition. No matter if you have a new Mitsubishi with body damage or one a few years older with a bad engine, transmission or electrical issues, Cash for Car NZ will buy any used, accident, No WOF, No Rego, De-registered, old, broken-down, damaged or scrap Mitsubishi.

Call us on 0800224000Get an Offer Now

Mitsubishi Local Cash Buyer – Cash for Mitsubishi Cars, Vans, SUVs, 4WDs or Trucks

Cash for Car NZ is your Mitsubishi local cash car buyer. We pay Cash for Mitsubishi Cars, Vans, SUVs, 4x4s or Trucks. To ensure you get a great deal for your car, we use up-to-date, current market pricing, looking at the current condition of your car, location, mileage, year, make, model and trim. All of these issues dictate if a car is destined to be recycled, sold for parts, sold on the salvage market or exported.

Sell My Mitsubishi for Cash

Call us on 0800224000 – Sell Used Mitsubishi to Local Cash Buyer.


How can I sell my Mitsubishi? Sell Your Mitsubishi’s Online for a Fast and Free Quote

Sell your Mitsubishi to us today in a fast, safe and reliable way. We buy all models of Mitsubishi regardless of the age or mileage of your vehicle. Our expert staff will provide excellent customer service. You will get an instant cash payment for your Mitsubishi.

If you are asking “How can I sell my Mitsubishi?” Look no further. Just complete online quote form or call us on 0800224000 to sell your Mitsubishi’s online for a fast and free quote. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of listing your Mitsubishi in the classifieds, or waiting for people to test drive your car before you find a buyer.

We will buy your Mitsubishi today. There is no easier way of selling your Mitsubishi. Our vehicle valuation experts can buy your car at the best price whether it has a high or low mileage. Your car can be an old or new Mitsubishi.

Call us on 0800224000 – Get Free No-Obligation Quote to Sell Your Mitsubishi.

Sell Your Old or Used Mitsubishi Vehicles in Any Condition

Some vehicles, like a 20-year-old Mitsubishi Fuso truck that doesn’t start, won’t get the same offer as others, like a low-mileage one-year-old Mitsubishi Pajero with collision damage. Some cars fall in-between, like a high-mileage ten-year-old Mitsubishi Galant. You can be sure that Cash for Car NZ won’t offer you less than your car is value.

We Buy Mitsubishi vehicles in any ConditionWe Buy Mitsubishi in Any Condition: Old, Used, Scrap, Damaged, Accident. Broken-Down, Mechanical Problems, No WOF, No Rego, De-registered, Running or Not-Running, Dead or  Alive etc

Whether you own a Mitsubishi Airtreck, Colt, Cedia, Canter, Challenger, Chariot, Delica, Diamante , Evo, Lancer, FTO, GTO, Pajero, Galant, Libero, Triton, Outlander, RVR, L200, L300, Spacegear L400, Fuso or any other Mitsubishi Cars, Vans, SUVs, 4WDs or Trucks, Cash for Car NZ will buy your Mitsubishi. Just complete the online quote form or call us on 0800224000 to start the process to sell your Mitsubishi today!

Mitsubishi Wreckers Buying Cars for Parts – Mitsubishi Used Parts Available

Are you looking for Mitsubishi Wreckers?
Affordable & Quality Mitsubishi Used Parts.

We also have the high demand for buying all models of  Mitsubishi. We pay cash for your Mitsubishi. We also stock used Mitsubishi parts for all makes & models. If you looking parts for your Mitsubishi Cars, Vans, SUVs, 4x4s or Trucks.

Call us on 0800224000 – Mitsubishi Wreckers – Sell Your Mitsubishi Vehicles to Wreckers Today!

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